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June 2017 Features: Beets

This month, we are featuring beets in all of our special dishes. The one vegetable Chef Bruce wasn’t crazy about was beets, until he started cooking them for himself. And now he loves them! The simplest way to cook them is to blanch them and then grill them with a little salt, olive oil & lime. You too can fall in love with beets. They are great served room temperature, chilled or hot. We are showcasing several early summer veggies this month along with beets, and this easy-drinking Chilean sauvignon blanc is the perfect pair. Enjoy!

Boya Sauvignon Blanc   $9 | 30
Leyda Valley, Chile
Tasting Notes: nose of fresh white flowers & pineapple with hints of mango & passionfruit. The palate is well-balanced with beautiful acidity, lively lime-tinged fruit and a refinned, crisp finish.

Salad   $8
beets | quinoa | oranges | almonds | goat cheese | mint-dijon vinaigrette

Chicken   $20
Pan-fried chicken thighs | salsa negra (charred chile sauce ) | sautéed beets | roasted broccoli