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July 2017 Features: Summer Veggies

August Veggies

This month, we are featuring summer veggies in all of our special dishes. We truly couldn’t pick just one vegetable to feature because there is such an abundance of new delights at the market stands right now. Tomatoes, peppers, squash, kale, carrots, beets, cucumbers, the list is long. So we are using all of them in these dishes! This crisp white Alvarinho (the Portuguese version of Albariño) is not only the perfect patio wine, but is an incredible pair with both dishes. Its light, fresh acidity cuts through that cilantro cream sauce, brightening up the whole dish. Drink to the bounty of the summer with us!

Nortico Alvarinho (Albariño)   $10 | 33
Minho, Portugal
Tasting Notes: delicate, light white with notes of fresh citrus, peaches & tropical fruit

Chilled Soup   $6
Gazpacho: tomato | cucumber | pepitas

Pasta   $18
Orzo | squash | carrots | kale | cilantro cream sauce | goat cheese