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Tok-sel Lima Beans Video

Since opening his first restaurant in 1997, Chef Bruce Ucán has had customers begging him for the recipe for his famous tok-sel lima beans. Years ago, it was printed in the Courier-Journal, Louisville’s local paper, and in 2007, it was featured on NPR’s Kitchen Window. The recipe is available on our website as well. Even with this breadth of information accessible to the public, we still hear the same comment: “It’s not the same when I make at home as it is at the restaurant!” 

In response to the frustration and angst of our customers, we have put together a video with a detailed explanation of the cooking process. Chef Bruce shows the whole preparation of the dish from his personal kitchen, just to show it’s possible to make at home. After enjoying this informative video, if you still can’t get the recipe right, we suggest you give up and just eat lima beans at the restaurant everyday.

Produced by Kertis Creative, Louisville KY