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March 2016 Features: Trio of Malbecs

March 2016 features

This month, we are featuring a trio of malbecs all grown in the same region of Argentina, but farmed by different families. The La Posta winery bottles the wines using the same process, so the only difference in flavor is the terroir and approach to grape-growing that each family has. And it makes a huge difference! Try these wines as a flight to compare them side by side, or pair them with one of our special dishes. The more wine you drink, the more you learn. So drink up! Cheers!


La Posta Fazzio Malbec | La Posta Pizella Malbec | La Posta Paulucci Malbec   $10 | 33
Mendoza, Argentina
Wine Flight: $10

Salad   $8
arugula | butternut squash | beets | dried figs | jicama | pepitas | shaved manchego | honey-chile vinaigrette
suggested wine: La Posta Fazzio Malbec

Lima Bean Hummus   $7
tok-sel lima beans | mint | garlic | French feta cheese | corn tortilla chips
suggested wine: La Posta Pizella Malbec

Tacos   $15
chorizo | black beans | French feta cheese | arugula | cabbage | mulato chile sauce |
side of tok-sel lima beans
suggested wine: La Posta Paulucci Malbec