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October 2014 Feature Menu

Our specials this month all incorporate pumpkin. This vegetable is very common in Mayan cooking. Pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil add great flavor to many of our dishes. While it is seasonally appropriate to feature specials with pumpkin in the fall, know that we are celebrating the pumpkin all year long at the Mayan Cafe!

Saint Lauren Chinon Cabernet Franc  $11 | 36
Loire Valley, France
Tasting Notes: hints of green pepper, truffle, violet & blueberry

Pumpkin Soup  $6
roasted poblano peppers | goat cheese
*Check out the recipe!

Autumn Salad  $9
fall greens | pickled pumpkin | apples | roasted pumpkin seeds | Kenny’s tomme de nena cheese | balsamic

Spaghetti Squash Toss  $18
spaghetti squash | turnips | green beans | tomatoes | pumpkin seeds | basil | queso fresco | Paco’s beet sauce