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Autumn Juice Recipe

Edible Louisville recently asked us to share one of our fall secrets with them – juices made with farmer’s market fresh vegetables with a little extra kick. We had loads of ideas for them! The following article and recipe are just one of Bruce’s many seasonal juice combos. Enjoy!

Seasonal Sip
October/November 2014

“The Mayan Café’s Chef Bruce Ucán has really been having fun making juices this summer and this will continue into the fall season. He loves using local produce in interesting ways and juicing is definitely one of those. Combining flavors is not the easiest thing with juicing, he cautions. The key is finding a balance of sweetness, acidity and salt.

This “autumn juice” he created was the result of a trip to the farmers’ market, where he was lucky to find baby ginger from Adam Barr’s farm. Adding a splash of Copper & King’s Immature Brandy from Louisville’s new local brandy distillery will add a whole other element of complexity to the flavors. Try it both ways.

A seasonal toast to all fall fruits and veggies! Cheers!

Makes 1 glass

1 large apple
1 large carrot
1 medium orange
½ ounce fresh ginger
Optional: 1½ ounce Copper & Kings Immature Brandy

Put all of the fruits & vegetables in juicer (not blender); process until smooth.”