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Four-star review | Courier-Journal

Restaurant Review | Mayan Cafe

Written by: Marty Rosen
Printed in: Courier-Journal
Dated: March 26, 2014

In this four-star review, restaurant critic, Marty Rosen, chronicles the history of Chef Bruce Ucan’s culinary story in Louisville – from the Gypsy van, to the Mayan Gypsy to the Mayan Cafe.
“For almost two decades, chef Bruce Ucan has been at the forefront of Louisville’s culinary scene. In 1996, long before food trucks became fashionable, he started selling salbutes, tamales and tacos out of a truck called The Gypsy Van.”

Blood Orange Margarita | Four-star Review | Courier-Journal

He talks about the growth and development of the food and beverages over the nearly twenty years that we have been in business.
“…over the years, Shadle’s beverage program has become an exemplary model of how to build a program that complements the cuisine. There are craft cocktails, a wine list that’s perfectly attuned to Ucan’s complex saucings and combinations, and a carefully selected list of craft beers.”

Rosen speaks to the breadth and depth of our menu as well as Bruce’s true cooking prowess.
“…every dish offers a combination of visual and aromatic spectacle. On a recent visit with our friends Buddy and Carol, the arrival of the plates felt like opening a vault filled with spices, aromatics and herbs.”

And he really falls for our vegetarian burrito – which many others have fallen for as well!Vegetarian Burrito | Four-star Review | Courier Journal
“…the most vi
sually striking dish on the table — and boldly flavored to boot — was a vegetarian burrito ($12) made from caramelized cabbage, grilled peppers, black beans and tomatillo sauce — crowned by two bright yellow farm-fresh fried eggs — the yolks of which melted into a sublime, silky sauce at the touch of a fork.”

Enjoy Marty’s entire piece here.