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White Bean Chile Recipe

Our specials this month all incorporate beans, and one of the highlights is Bruce’s White Bean Chile. We wanted to share the recipe with you knowing that you may want to eat this delicious soup everyday of the week. It takes a couple hours of cooking time, but is totally worth the wait. Enjoy!


12 servings


2 gallons water
4 cups white beans, dried
3.5-4 lb whole chicken
2 bay leaves
4 cups chopped celery
4 cups chopped carrots
2 cups chopped onions
1 large can (27 oz) chopped green chilies
1/2 tbsp allspice
1 pinch dried epasote (Mexican spice)
1 tbsp oregano
1 tbsp cumin
1/2 tbsp white pepper
1/2 gallon organic chicken stock
Salt to taste
Tortilla Chips
Sour cream

Put the water, dried beans, whole chicken & bay leaf in a large pot and cook on medium heat, covered, for an hour.
When the chicken is soft and tender, take it out of the pot and let it cool.
Put the other veggies and spices in the pot with the beans (celery, carrots, onions, green chilies, appspice, epasote, oregano, cumin and white pepper), add the chicken stock, and let this all cook for
an hour.
Once the chicken is cool, shred it and then put it back in the pot with the other veggies. (You should be adding the chicken to the pot about 30 minutes after the veggies & spices)
Taste after it’s finished cooking and add salt to taste.
Serve with tortilla chips and sour cream