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August 2017 Features: cucumbers

Fresh summer farm-to-table salad

This month, we are featuring cucumbers in all of our special dishes. It’s no surprise that during the hottest month of the year, we get the lightest and most refreshing fruits and vegetables. Cucumbers, watermelon, peaches – these are exactly the kinds of food we crave when we’re drowning in humidity. Pair these two fresh summer dishes with this Chilean chardonnay. It’s unoaked, so it’s crisp finish is the perfect balance to both this watermelon salad and ceviche. Salud!

Apaltagua Gran Verano Chardonnay   $8 | 27
Central Valley, Chile
Tasting Notes: an unoaked chard with intense, fruity aroma and touches of peach, mango and pineapple

Salad   $8
watermelon | peaches | cucumber | fresh mozzarella | basil | spicy orange vinaigrette

Ceviche   $11
wild-caught KY silver carp | cucumbers | watermelon | cara cara oranges | cilantro-habanero-pineapple sauce