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November 2015 Feature Menu: Cauliflower

This month, we are featuring cauliflower in our specials. This fun fall vegetable is hearty enough to keep growing as the nights get colder this month. Pairing it with roasted poblanos, grilled beets or smoked chilies adds a richness and complexity to our dishes. This great Spanish red blend is the perfect pair – that hint of smoke plays on the earthy flavors of the vegetables. Cheers to fall!

Las Colinas del Ebro Syrah-Garnacha-Carignan blend   $9 | 30
Terra Alta, Spain
Tasting notes: light-bodied with a floral aroma and notes of cherry, blackberry, spices & smoke

Soup   $6
cauliflower | roasted poblano | beets | pepitas (*vegan)

Spaghetti Squash Toss   $18
spaghetti squash | roasted cauliflower | beets | carrots | goat cheese | mulato-coconut-ginger sauce (*vegetarian)