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Rabbit Story | Insider Louisville

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Rabbit pic_Insider Lou

Rabbit: Is it destined to be Louisville’s ‘new white meat’? by Kevin Gibson Insider Louisville January 20, 2015 Kevin Gibson from Insider Louisville has really done his rabbit research. Quoting sources that promise rabbit is the new white meat, he purports that things could be changing on the meat scene in Louisville. Gibson talks with […]

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December Feature Menu | Sweet Potatoes

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December 2014 Feature Menu : Sweet Potatoes

This month, we are featuring sweet potatoes in all of our specials. These root vegetables are plentiful even in the cold months and are versatile in that you can cook them many different ways (as we are proving with this menu!) In the Yucatan, making sweet potato candy is a holiday tradition, so we thought […]

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November 2014 Feature Menu

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Chef Bruce personally enjoys surprising his guests. Whether its beet-flavored ice cream or his tok-sel lima beans that catch you off guard, Bruce wants you to try (and like!) the unexpected. This month’s featured vegetable is the Brussels sprout, another veggie that will shock you with its flavor and versatility. This is really what seasonal […]

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Courier-Journal | Cook’s Corner featuring Chef Bruce

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Cook's Corner | Chef Bruce Ucan

Courier-Journal October 28, 2014 “Cook’s Corner” by Nancy Miller INTENSE FLAVORS The movie “Food, Inc.,” about corporate farming, had a profound influence on Bruce Ucan, chef and partner at Mayan Cafe. The movie was in stark contrast to the foods and cooking of his native Yucatan Peninsula, and particularly, how his mother cooked at home. “Everything […]

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Fall Recipes | Pumpkin Soup

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Pumpkin Soup

We have been featuring this delicious pumpkin soup this October as a tribute to the pumpkin – not only a fabulous fall ingredient, but more importantly, a staple in Mayan cooking. Try this rich pumpkin soup at home and fill your house with the warm smells of autumn. INGREDIENTS 1 small pumpkin 2 roasted poblano peppers […]

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October Feature Menu

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Pumpkin Soup

Our specials this month all incorporate pumpkin. This vegetable is very common in Mayan cooking. Pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil add great flavor to many of our dishes. While it is seasonally appropriate to feature specials with pumpkin in the fall, know that we are celebrating the pumpkin all year long at the Mayan […]

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Mole with Dana McMahan

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Dana McMahan makes mole with Chef Bruce

Dana McMahan, a well-known food writer in Louisville, KY, recently traveled to Mexico. Before this trip, she had long hated peppers, thinking that bell peppers represented all peppers. Her mind was opened and her taste buds were pleased to learn that chilies are amazingly complex and really spice up a dish, literally. Returning from the trip, she […]

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Tok-sel Lima Beans Video

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Tok-sel Lima Beans

Since opening his first restaurant in 1997, Chef Bruce Ucán has had customers begging him for the recipe for his famous tok-sel lima beans. Years ago, it was printed in the Courier-Journal, Louisville’s local paper, and in 2007, it was featured on NPR’s Kitchen Window. The recipe is available on our website as well. Even with this […]

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StarChefs bio | Chef Bruce Ucán

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The folks from StarChefs magazine and website,, recently made a visit to Louisville. They interviewed Chef Bruce and took lots of photographs of the food and our place. Check out his bio here and enjoy the photos!

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Yucatuckian | Story Magazine | Winter 2013

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Yucatuckian_Story Magazine

“Yucatuckian” by Steve Hacker Story Magazine This winter, Story Magazine did a lovely feature piece on Chef Ucán. They learned all about his days of the Gypsy van, one of Louisville’s original food trucks, as well as Bruce’s vision for farm-to-table fusion with Mayan dishes. Steve Squall took some amazing pictures as well that really […]

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